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Optimus Ltd. is proud to be an exclusive Affiliate Partner of Special Learning.

Since 2010, Special Learning has been living its mission of bringing quality ABA and other evidence-based interventions to support the needs of parents, educators, clinicians and others who provide care and support to individuals with autism and other neurodiverse challenges.

As two organizations fully committed to ethics, by combining our efforts and resources, we aim to help thousands of parents and professionals around the globe access quality, cost-effective evidence-based programs and services to help neurodiverse individuals achieve their highest levels of independence to live happy, fulfilling lives.

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Autism and Behavior Analysis - From Dissonance to Dialogue

Subject Matter Expert: Dr. Karola Dillenburger BCBA-D Host: Maria Nicolaou, MSc BCBA CEU ELIGIBILITY: BACB CEUs: 1 General  ...

Applied Behavior Analysis and the Abolitionist Neurodiversity Critique: An Ethical Analysis (Live Webinar)

Subject Matter Experts: Dr. Abraham Graber, PhD & Dr. Jessica Graber, BCBA-D Host: Maria Nicolaou, MSc BCBA ...

The Masters Series

BCBA CEUs: 18 CEUs (14 General, 2 Ethics and 2 Supervision)  18 APA CEUs 18 QABA CEUs (14 General, 2 Ethics and 2 ...
Discount: 35 %
For 12 Months Access

Educators: PD for First-Year Educators & Free Teachers Toolkit

THE NEW BUNDLE FOR FIRST-YEAR EDUCATORS INCLUDES: Full 12-month access to The educators Professional Development Video Library (Valued at over $1,106!) ...
Discount: 50 %
For 12 Months Access

CE Library for QASP-S and QBAs

LEVEL: Advanced CE: 22 QABA (includes general, supervision and ethics) Behavior analysts lead challenging lives. If there’s not enough ...
Discount: 60 %
For 12 Months Access

CEU: 2022 BCBA Ethics Code in Practice: Responsibility as a Professional

CEU ELIGIBILITY: BCBA CEUs: 2 Learning or Ethics QABA CEUs: 2 General or Ethics  IBAO CEUs: 2 ABA Topics or ...

CEU Bundle: CE Library- Psychologists, LCSWs, & LMH Professionals

CEU ELIGIBILITY: APA/CESA: 35 General Homestudy CEs We believe that a well-rounded practitioner should be exposed to an array ...
Discount: 35 %
For 12 Months Access

Course: Online RBT Training Course 2.0

"Classroom Experience from Virtually Anywhere" This training program is based on the RBT® Task List (2nd ed.) ...
Discount: 38 %
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